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HEV System Engineer (MHeD)

HEV System Engineer (MHeD)


1. Coordination & planning of the system design work products in the product development
2. The clarification and definition of the technical content of all system design work products across all engineering disciplines
3. Ensuring that the relevant standards and work rules of the System Design department are applied and respected
4. Regularly monitoring of progress in system design work & definition of countermeasures in case of progress limitations
5. Change and risk management specific to the content of the system design work
6. Collect / analyze / manage requirements from stakeholder
7. To get agreement and harmonize the requirements with all involved,
8. The implementation of the stakeholder requirements into the system requirements
9. Support sales or acquisition manager to acquire project in terms of technical working, e.g. technical communication.
10. Support technical acquisition manager to finish technical feasibility study and supply system level concept

1. Solid experience and knowledge of hybrid & electric technology and products.
2. Solid experience of system engineering
3. Strong knowledge about project management, automotive quality standards
4. Presentation, communication skills;
5. Excellent English skills (in writing and speaking)
6. Confident in using the usual MS Office programs
8. Automotive, mechatronic, industry background Bachelor degree or above
9. >3 year of experience in hybrid & electric relevant field or products.
10. At least 1 years experience to deal with international communication and collaboration
11. Advanced Level of project experience
12. Basic Level of leadership experience
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The Powertrain division focuses on efficient and clean vehicle drive systems. Here, the division works to improve the performance of injection systems, turbochargers, transmission control units, sensors, actuator systems and exhaust-gas aftertreatment. At the same time, it paves the way for the electrification of vehicles with efficient systems technology and economical vehicle integration

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Continental is developing prototype tires using natural rubber made from dandelion roots.

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