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Smart Factory Engineer [Data Scientist]- Plant (Sibiu)

Smart Factory Engineer [Data Scientist]- Plant (Sibiu)

We are looking for Data Analysts and Scientists!

Data Scientist, the sexiest job of 21st century, requires a mixture of multi disciplinary skills ranging from an intersection of mathematics, statistics, computer science, communication and business.

The activities are run within a team and you will work closely together with data analysts and data scientists, to design and develop Smart Factory solutions, considering:
  • advance data analysis with defined data mining methods and algorithms;
  • business processes, goals and strategy (business understanding);
  • visualization of data and analytics results;
  • complex data environments analysis, comprising of multiple data sources and formats;
  • insights to generate actionable recommendations;
  • technical details of work documentation;
  • raw data at scale (including writing scripts, web scraping, calling APIs, write SQL queries, etc.) gathering and processing;
  • wrangling of heterogeneous data sets, explore and discover new insights;
  • collaboration with Data Analysts, Data Scientists, IT-Departments and management in poject teams;
  • close collaboration with colleagues in plants around the world. Building and maintaining a network of experts within the company and with external partners;
  • continuous monitoring and evaluation of new solutions on the market for their usability and usefullness in our use cases.

    Math & Statistics
  • Machine learning;
  • Statistical modeling;
  • Experiment design;
  • Bayesian inference;
  • Decision trees, random forests, logistic regression.

    Programming & Database
  • Statistical computing package e.g. R, Knime;
  • Computer science fundamentals;
  • Scripting language e.g. Python;
  • Databases SQL and NoSQL;
  • Relational algebra;
  • Parallel databases and parallel query processing;
  • MapReduce concepts;
  • Hadoop and Hive/Pig;
  • Custom reduce;
  • Experience with xaaS like AWS.

    Domain knowledge & Soft Skills
  • Passionate about the business;
  • Curious about data;
  • Influence without authority;
  • Problem solver;
  • Strategic, proactive, creative, innovative and collaborative.

    Communication & Visualization
  • Translate data-driven insights into decisions and actions;
  • Visual art design;
  • R packages like ggplot or lattice;
  • Knowledge of any of visualization tools e.g. Flare, D3.js, Tableau.
  • Bachelor/ Master (preferred) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or equivalent;
  • Applied skills in using Big Data technologies (Hadoop, No SQL, logstash, Splunk, HBase, Spark, Hadoop, tableau, Knime, MicroStrategy);
  • Skills in using of statistics and data mining software packages is a bonus (IBM SPSS, SAS, RapidMiner, Knime);
  • 1-3 year experience in IT Jobs (software developemtn, database administration, data warehousing or similar);
  • Expertise with programming/ scripting languages such as Java, Python, R, Scala, Perl, SQL;
  • Initiative and creativity, persuasion and assertiveness;
  • Basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence -methods and tools;
  • Advanced English – written and oral communication skills;
  • German and other language skills are of advantage;
  • Ability to develop scenario analysis using different approaches;
  • Critical and proactive thinker with capacity to quickly learn programming languages will be strongly considered;
  • Design and development experience working with large scale data warehouse, data mining and analytics platforms is a plus;
  • Data modeling, data ingestion approaches for structured, semi-structured and unstructured datasets;
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills;
  • Ability to change direction quickly based on data analysis;
  • Willingness and readyness to manage projects in project teams around the world.
  • Pay for Performance Programs;
  • Relocation Package;
  • Flexible Working Time;
  • Personalized Development & Training Programs;
  • System for Rewarding Improvement Ideas;
  • Kindergarten on Site for Continental Employees' Children Only;
  • Health Management Programs & Medical Room on Site;
  • Health Insurance Services & Travel Insurance Policy;
  • Restaurant Concept & Coffee Corner on Site;
  • Other benefits to enjoy after-work and community projects;
  • Mobile Work;
  • Sabbatical Leave Program.
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